Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Gulpable" Wines

Hello there jilted readers. I'm sure no one is reading us at this point. (I wouldn't blame you.) The two of us started new jobs in the Spring and life began to catch up with us - as did the pace at which we were posting reviews. We are going to make the effort to return this blog to all of it's glory with new features and a slightly different style of posting and reviewing. But, more about that later.

What actually inspired me to post today was a recent article by Eric Asimov (Sept. 19, 2007). He pens a good piece in the New York Times today about easy drinking and easy on the wallet wines.

That got me thinking. I'm sure we all have that cheaper wine that we keep around for that random Tuesday when work, life or the kids have just been a little more than usual. For me, it has to be Falesco's Vitiano. Always a consistent, fruit forward wine that I can drink with or with out food. So, what are you drinking that won't break the bank?