Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So what's in your cellar?

I was looking over my wine collection yesterday, trying to take a visual inventory. Afterwards, two things came to mind. The first was that I have some very nice bottles I completely forgot about, which are at their peak right now and ready to drink. I guess because I've been so busy, and because of the world wine tour we conducted here on this blog (which we'll begin again shortly) many of these wines were neglected. But while I made a mental note of the bottles I'd be drinking in the coming weeks, I thought I would write about it as well so you folks would rummage through your collections and start drinking those bottles that are just screaming for your attention. For example, I have a 2001 Torbreck Shiraz that's been tucked away for a few years. No doubt it's ready to accompany my next fact tonight might be it's lucky night.

The second thought that came to mind was that my collection of white wines is, quite frankly, depleted and piss poor. With the exception of some vinho verde and some miscellaneous bottles of Chardonnay, my collection of whites is non-existent. But the reason I mention it is because I am a big fan of white wine, and I'm a little disappointed in myself for letting my white collection get this bare. I can assure you that several trips to Wine Library will cure that ailment.

Now, enough about me. What is it that you fine people have sitting in your cellars? Which aspects of your collections are you looking to build on? And, most importantly, is there a wine variety that you just have to have at this very moment?

The mic is open...sound off.


MyManMisterC said...

Ya know, I have several bottles of high quality champagne waiting for an occassion. Dom P. Piper, Cliquot. I'm like a rapper with all the bubbles I gots in my cella'.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

Oh no. Please tell me that is for your wife, mother and mother-in-law.

Grape Nut said...

I have a lot single, special bottles. Vintage ports I've picked up (thanks to you and the Mrs. for one of those bottles!) Special bottles like an opus one, a Mondavi reserve and an amazing Merlot from Neibum Coppola (sp.). Lots of other tasty, big, bold reds.