Friday, February 2, 2007

Taste of Spain: #5 of 5

Ok folks, so here's the last review from our visit to Spain. What's sad is that there are soooooo many wines I would love to review here, but there are simply too many. Do yourselves a favor and sample Spanish much variety, at reasonable prices! And, since I wrapped up Argentina with a white wine, I figured I might as well do the same for Spain.

By the way, our next visit will be Portugal...thanks for all your votes. However, since things are a bit crazy next week, we'll be postponing our trip to Portugal for a week. We'll head to Portugal and start reviewing the wines on Monday, February 12...just in time for Valentine's day! Look at the bright side, it gives you an extra week to explore Spanish wines. Speaking of Spanish wines, let's get to the 5th and final review for this week. Hope you enjoyed our visit...

The Wine: Naia Naiades 2004
Country: Spain
Region: Rueda
Category: Verdejo
Price: $20.99
Decanted or Not: No

Tasting Notes:

The Color: Bronzy yellow.

The Nose: Surprisingly powerful nose wood, pear, citrus and liquorice.

The Taste: Full and thick. Very juicy, and actually feels somewhat chewy. Powerful fruit flavors: pear explodes, melon, citrus. Very mild on the wood flavor, but noticeable. Very tasty, but much fleshier and thicker than what I expected. Finish is long, smooth and silky with a burst of orange and something else at the end...maybe liquorice, maybe cinnamon.

Never had this type of wine before, and likely won't try it again for a while. Pretty good, but not my cup of tea. Consistency is too oily for my liking...actually has a similar texture to orange juice, if you know what I mean. A hearty juice.

The Verdict: 6 corks

Once again, our world tour will continue on February 12, with Portugal. But you can vote now for where we go after that.


Sergeant-At-Arms said...

What type of wine would you suggest for a one-day old baby that weighs nine pounds and three ounces? A syrah or zinfandel?

The Vine Guy said...


Congrats on the newest addition to the family! As far as wine for the little guy, I'd stick with the formula for now...start giving him wine when he turns 5. However, I would have an intrevenous line of wine feeding into Mrs. Sarge, as I'm sure she's ready for a drink!

At ease.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

She isn't allowed quite yet. Due to breast feeding, she can't do that. Otherwise Super Bowl Sammy will have a spigot full of merlot mouthwash.

He will turn out as dumb as you.

Pingus Vinicus said...

Welcome to Portugal.