Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Groth 2002 Cab Sauv - My San Francisco Treat

Hi gang.

So I just returned from a business trip in San Fran, and overall I have to say it was quite an enjoyable trip. Then again, any trip can be enjoyable when it's 85 degrees and sunny every day. So anyway, it was my first time to San Fran, and I liked it. Of course I didn't get to see much of it, but I most certainly enjoyed the multitude of restaurants the city had to offer.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. On my first night there, I had the opportunity to eat at Tommy Toys restaurant. Now for anyone who's never been to San Fran, let me tell you that this place will be on any travel guide's top 5 recommended restaurant list. From the moment you step in, it is like walking into Imperial China...from the traditional and antique Chinese artifacts and hostess in a geisha doll dress to the intricate carvings on the decorative wood moldings that surround the space. If you're ever in San Fran, go there if you like Chinese food with flare.

So now to the food...all of us at the table went for Tommy Toy's signature dinner, which is of the 6-course variety. Here's is what the meal entailed, granted I don't know what they were seasoned with:

» Minced Squab "Imperial"
» Seafood Bisque Oven Baked and Crowned with French Puff Pastry
» Fresh Whole Maine Lobster Sauteed with Fresh Mushrooms, Young Chives, and a Light Peppercorn Sauce Served on a Bed of Chinese Angel-Hair Crystal Noodles
» Peking Duck Served with Lotus Buns
» Wok Charred Medallions of Beef with Garlic, Wine and a Touch of Rosemary

» Peach Mousse in Fresh Strawberry Compote


Now I know you are all reading this saying why the heck is a wine blog guy writing about a Chinese restaurant. But, I'm getting to the wine part. That night, we complemented our meal with Groth Vineyard's 2002 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon. It was my first time sampling a Groth product, which is from Napa by the way. Anyway, here is what I thought of it...

Retail Price: Approx $50/bottle.

Country: USA

Region: Napa, California

Color: Ruby, purple velvet

Nose: Moderate nose with hints of dark fruit . I particular noticed prominent notes of herbs and hay. Mild spice notes.

Mouth: Up front it was quite cheerful, with some semblance of cherry and oak, but what lingered for me were the herbal and grassy notes. Finish and pleasant, with mild tannins.

Overall I enjoyed the wine with the meal, but I generally like my Cabs to pack a bit more punch. I must also state that the herbal notes are prominent in this wine, and the fruit is muted. For $50 retail, you can do better for a Napa Cab, but with this meal, it was quite enjoyable.

The Verdict: 8 corks - very very good.

Note, this score may have been different if I tasted the wine without the meal, but for now I think it deserves an 8

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