Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pop the Cork - Ravenswood, Sonoma, California

We visited the Ravenswood Winery recently during a trip to the west coast, where we shot up to Somona County and Napa Valley. One of the wineries we especially enjoyed was Ravenswood right outside of Downtown Sonoma. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and staffed by knowledgeable, UNintimidating staff that makes you feel very comfortable and welcome.

If I remember correctly, this wine was sourced from a local Sonoma vineyard owned by Barbara and Patricia, hence the name Barricia.

The wine: Ravenswood Barricia Zinfandel Sonoma Valley 2004

Country: United States

Region: Sonoma Valley, California

Category: Zinfandel

Vintage: 2004

Price: $26.00

The color: Ruby red,

The Nose: Nice cherries and currants, red fruit

The Tasting Notes: Not what you might be expecting from a zinfandel. A well rounded subtle wine, with lush dried cherry and other red fruit flavors. A well rounded wine that would pair very well with food. The finish could be a bit longer, but a very classy wine. The label gives unquie facts like the picking date (Sept. 9, 2004), bottling date (April 19, 2006), total cases (1220) and total acidity (0.65g-100ml).

The Verdict: High 8 corks


farley said...

Wait, they were intimidating? That doesn't sound too welcoming. I went there over a year ago and had a very nice time.

Although, have you been hearing about a reduction in quality over the past few years? I think it's mostly for the lower-priced wines.

Grape Nut said...

Hmm, maybe I should drink less when I'm proof reading. I meant to say they were UN intimidating. My bad and sorry for the confusion. We actually had a great time. We enjoyed their wines, but really only tasted their higher end wines as well. Very pleased with the experience all around. Just not very satisfied with my proof reading skills.