Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How much does the situation improve the wine?

I've pretty much been sick for about a week now, so I haven't touched a wine yet to review. So I thought I would throw out a question/topic.

How much does the situation or atmosphere improve the wine? I was curious about this the other day and thought maybe some you might have an opinion on the subject. Here's my two cents.

I think it has a huge impact. Some of my fondest wine memories come around celebrating birthdays, promotions, or just an amazing date. Your mood is perfect, everyone your with is usually genuinely happy to be there and feel as if nothing can bring you down at that point. Even that mediocre pinot noir you were drinking.

Thinking back, I'm sure more than a few readers of this page can relate to drinking wines like Yellow Tail, Neonado, Casal Garcia, and others on the stoop of a brownstone and having a blast. That wine probably tasted as good as any fine bottle as the sun would set behind the Statue of Liberty. (I think I may be jones'in for the spring time here)

I also think that it can go the other way. I've been in nice restaurants, take a recommendation for a wine and find my self scrutinizing the wine to the point were I might dislike the wine. Not sure if it's the setting or if it's the fact I'm paying a 200% increase or more on the bottle.

So does anyone else have a story about this? Maybe some you disliked gave you a good bottle, but it was from that person and it ruined for you. Ever drink a $5 bottle and have just fond memories of that bottle. Or am I full of crap and the real wine drinker can separate themselves from the atmosphere and judge the wine accordingly.

Let's here it!


The Vine Guy said...

You're right on the money with this theory. Many of the most memnorable wines I've enjoyed are tied to some of the more memorable moments in my life. For instance, the moment in my life that made me a wine lover, happened at the age of 6...the first time I helped my dad make wine. Or the amazing Sauvignon Blanc i had on my wedding night, that to this day has not seen an equal.

I'm with ya man...the special moments most certainly have the ability to make an impact on the enjoyability of a wine.

I'd be curious to hear from mothers and fathers who've recently had children. I've heard from many many new mothers that the first glass of wine after child birth is amazing.


MyManMisterC said...

I totally agree and can say the same about cigars, in fact I did iin a blog ealrier this year when I described the Aurora Preferidos Platinum. Sure it gets a 89 rating fro Cigar Aficionado, but what made it the most memorable cigar that I have smoked in quite a while was enjoying it on a beautiful night in Hawaii on my honeymoon, following a terrific dinner. I even have a pic of me smoking it where I used the Tiki torch to light it.

Nothing will compare to that first night in Kauai and the cigar was the icing on the cake.