Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wine Bar Review - Wined Up

I've been sick this past week, so I've been unable to taste any new Oregon Wines. But, in order to give our devoted readers something and to change it up a little, I thought I would review a wine bar a visited last week.

I visited a new wine bar called Wined Up (located at 913 Broadway) last week for a few after work drinks with a good buddy. I was impressed with the location and space, but unimpressed with how hard it was to find. Located above Punch, I must have walked past the place three times. I spoke with the manager there and she said that it was done intentionally at first, but they're thinking of adding signage out front.

The wine selection was pretty good, arranged by body and style of wine, lighter to heavier with a whole range of price options. Our bartender steered us towards a great half-bottle of D Cubed Zinfandel. We also chose to have bottles of Joel Gott 2005 Zinfandel and a bottle of 2003 Rosso di Montalcino by Pietroso. As you can imagine, the end of the night is a little fuzzy. I think we had a glass after that, but whats the point of even mentioning it.

We also ordered plates of cured and dried meats and the Chef's Selection of cheeses. The prices are more than reasonable for a NYC wine bar and we where impressed with the selections of cheeses. I found the LaTure to be the best.

Overall, I would suggest this wine bar. It's beginner friendly, but with enough knowledge and know how to impress the veterans.

Wined Up
913 Broadway (Cross Street: Between 20th Street and 21st Street)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 673-6333

Verdict: 9 Corks or Highly Recommended

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