Tuesday, March 20, 2007

India Joining the Wine Mainstream? Don’t act so surprised

When you think of India, it’s likely that the first word that comes to mind is not “wine.” In fact, I would wager that many people don’t even realize that India is a wine producing region. However, some recent news out of India seems to indicate that the country is seriously considering a move into the main stream, global wine industry. You think I’m kidding? I’m not…just consider some of the recent news coming out of India.

Realizing that Indian wine is slowly but surely catching the taste buds of the western world, the Indian ministry of food processing industries is looking at setting up a National Wine Board (NWB) to develop standards and generally promote the wine industry in the country. Globally, the wine industry is worth an astounding $15 billion, and India is nowhere in this equation. But domestically, it is growing at 30% per year as the health angle of red wine, in particular, has caught the fancy of India’s growing middle class. India now consumes 3.5 million bottles a year, which translates into a pathetic half teaspoon per head – as compared to France which consumes 60 liters, while Italy’s per capita consumption is 59 liters, Spain’s is 37 and UK’s is 24 liters.

Against this backdrop, the food processing ministry proposes to promote the wine industry, which will largely benefit the farmers and investors due to its enormous potential in both domestic and foreign markets. In fact, there is currently conversation to revise some of the laws surrounding alcohol, which would ease certain restrictions on the purchase and consumption of wine.

Also, consider the fact The University of Adelaide, Australia, will soon set up India's first wine institute in association with India's largest wine making company, Champagne Indage. University of Adelaide, regarded as one of the world's best centers of excellence for education and research in viticulture and oenology (the science of viniculture) is currently drafting the curriculum for the institute. The institute will be called The Indian Institute of Vine and Wine and will be set up on a 100 acre land. The institute will be operational by 2008. It will offer diplomas in various areas of wine making, marketing, finance and vine growing. It will also facilitate research in the field of wine making. The degree will be awarded by University of Adelaide and would not only be valid in India and Australia, but all over the world.

India seems to making moves to become a major player in the wine industry…in time of course. Given the quickly burgeoning population in India, and the vast geographic and climatic conditions available in the country, it is very possible that India may join the ranks of the other well-known wine producing countries.

You think it’s a longshot? You don’t buy into the hype? That’s ok. But just remember this article 20 years from now, when you’re serving a bottle of Indian wine to your guests at dinner.


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Have you tasted Indian wines? Could you provide names of some of the Indian wineries

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