Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Preception, How does it affect your wine drinking?

Stemming from some recent comments I thought I'd post a question...Have you ever been in a situation where you would have preferred a glass of wine to another beverage or vice versa, but felt that the situation required you to order another drink?

For example, I was told when I graduated college that you didn't want to be the guy at a corporate function ordering a beer. You were supposed to choose a cocktail like Gin and Tonic, Scotch on the rocks, something like that. I eventually settled on my parent's favorite the Manhattan. At the time all I really wanted was a beer, but felt that this wasn't the time for it.

Another example is going to a sports bar to watch a game. At times I prefer beer, but there are times when I would rather just have a glass of wine. I have ordered the glass of wine, much to the amusement of my friends, but why is it so out of place?

Discuss amongst yourself.



The Vine Guy said...

Actually I can totally relate. Perhaps the best example was my wedding day. I was so thirsty when I got to the cocktail hour, all I wanted was to throw an ice cold beer down my gullet. Someone turned to me and said "you can't work the crowd with a beer in your hand." So I ended up going with a vodka tonic, and stayed thirsty til I got to my table and sucked down a glass of water.

Grape Nut said...

They told Kate the same thing on our wedding day. She told them to shove it and grabbed a cold beer. It was pretty funny seeing her in the picture with a Miller Lite bottle in her hand.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

You need to strap a set on Vine Guy and tell whomever told you that to shove it. You could have just poured the beer in a glass.

You need to go home and kiss that Kate and say thank you for being married to me. Good for her.

Do you think Vine Guy could borrow her package from time to time?

MyManMisterC said...

I think it is always a matter of supply. Say for example, that at the Goncalves wedding they are serving Guiness, and I happen to like Guiness. I am well within decorum to drink such a beer because it is available. Take drinking wine at a sports bar -- hell if the sports bar has a decent wine selection, and some of them do, you should feel free to indulge. If the bar goes to the trouble to buy the wines, you might as well drink them.

Grape Nut said...

Well said Mr. C, that shall be my rule going forward.