Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Breaking News: U.S. to become world's biggest wine market

This just in...The United States is set to overtake France in the next five years as the world's largest wine market, according to an annual study commissioned by the organizers of the VinExpo trade fair in Bordeaux. The study predicted U.S. still wine consumption would rise to 27.3 million hectoliters in 2010 from 23.0 million in 2005, exceeding French consumption, which is set to fall to 24.9 million hl from 27.4 million hl.

In value terms, the U.S. still wine market is set to be worth $22.8 billion by 2010, up from $19.2 billion in 2005, with fastest growth rates expected for bottles costing more than $5 each -- a trend also expected in other industrialized countries.
If you recall, I posted a story here in early January that highlighted how US wine consumption was exploding (US Wine Explosion)...and this most recent study confirms it.

Nice job folks. Keep drinking!!!!!

Click here for the full story on the study results released Tuesday.


Grape Nut said...

I havehave certainly done my part to help out that increase.

I wonder what the reaction will be abroad. Recently, the US market has been blamed for the proliferation of the “fruit bomb” wines. Any thoughts? I just think that as the more educated the consumer becomes the more they will realize that those wines are not very good (in my opinion). I would view them kind of like a “loss leader” in the emerging palate of the US.

The Vine Guy said...

This info should be taken in context of course, as the 300,000,000 people in the US is 5 times the amount in France. Clearly this is not meant to be a per capita comparison or conversation. However, it is noteworthy in the sense that if you had mentioned 10 years ago that you thought the US would consume more mass quantity of wine than France, people would have looked at you sideways.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

I had no idea the U.S. was being blamed for the proliferation of "fruity" wines. This harkens back to our previous conversation that it takes patience and time to develop a knowledge of wine. And initally people feel avid wine drinkers are snobs when in reality their palate is just more experienced, not better necessarily, just wiser. What do you think?

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

That photograph looks like The Vine Guy wearing the golf hat he bought but never wears.