Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Going on a World Wine Tour, and You’re Invited.

So Grape Nut and I were sitting around thinking about an editorial calendar for Drink the Vine. In the world of wine there is sooooo much to talk about, that we didn't quite know where to start. We knew one thing for addition to doing some news and opinion pieces, we wanted to be more active with wine reviews and ratings. Well, we're about to do just that. Starting Monday, January 22, we are going on a world tour, and you're coming with us. First stop is Argentina!

Each week we will pick (with your votes) a different wine producing country. We will provide you with a general description of that country's wine region(s), and then we will taste and review a wine each day (both red and white). We will track our progress along the way, and will most definitely be looking for your feedback/suggestions on where to go next.

We will start in Argentina next week, but where we go after that is entirely up to you. In the top righthand corner of this page is a poll with several countries to choose from...whichever location receives the most reader votes is where we'll go next. So let us hear from you.

Have you ever stood in a wine shop thinking "I would really like to try this bottle from South Africa, but don't want to spend the money if it sucks."? Well now's your chance to let us two suckers (Grape Nut and me) go out and buy wines from around the world and taste them for you. We're sort of like the royal tasters who would eat food before the king to make sure it wasn't poisoned, but instead of poison we're looking for liquid delight.

So prepare yourselves for a head spinning tour of the world of wine. First stop, Argentina. Where we go after that is up to don't be shy, step right up and let us hear from you. You never know, we might just find your next favorite wine.

That's all for now. Remember to swirl, sniff and swig. Cheers!


MyManMisterC said...

In honor of Trevor Immelman, who will win a major championship this year, I vote for South Africa.

Grape Nut said...

I like SA wine a lot, but I'm pulling for Spain. I just can't get enough of those wines, especially when you find one from and up and coming region like Valencia or Jumilla.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

Trevor Immelman huh? Mmmm. I don't know. He's just another Mike Weir. I think the next to win a big one will be Padraig H. He is the only one who has displayed the courage, tenacity and enough SKILL to challenge AND defeat Tiger in a twosome showdown on a Sunday afternoon.

But back to wine. I vote for Spain and South Africa should be last. Those Afrikaner racists don't deserve one cent from my pocket. As for Spain, I want to support a population that works hard but has still been able to incorporate the traditional big afternoon meal and siesta in its culture.

Over and out.

The Vine Guy said...

LOL...Sarge said siesta. And the big meal is clutch...they do it in Portugal too. Gotta love a country where it is politically incorrect NOT to drink alcohol at lunch time. Note to wife, let's move there.

I am happy to drink wines from any where, as is Grape Nut. So get on it and vote already! There's still a full week. Oh, and don't forget, our rating on Argentina will start flowing on Monday.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

Why is that funny?

Why Argentina? Nothing good comes from that place. Except of course military dictators and soccer players intent on playing as dirty scoundrels and whiners.

Over and out.

The Vine Guy said...


For the record, Argentina is producing some exceptional wines...particuarly Malbecs. They ahve really made some tremendous strides in the past few years. So sit back, shut up, listen, and learn something SOLDIER!

You may just be tempted to go out and buy a bottle produced by these "military dictators and soccer players intent on playing as dirty scoundrels and whiners."

At ease, soldier.

Sergeant-At-Arms said...

Yes Sir,
I will indeed be patient and tune in for your reports as any good student with aspirations for excellence. Malbecs huh? As an American are we entitled to any free bottles since the good 'ol USA bailed out their economy a few years ago?

Over and Out.