Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Taste of Argentina: #3 of 5


The Wine: 2005 Jacques & Francois Lurton Pinot Gris
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Category: Pinot Gris
Vintage: 2005
Price: $7.99
Decanted or not: No

Tasting Notes:

The Color: Light Yellow

The Nose: Big citrus aromasand pineapple, little smoke, slightly metallic

The Taste: Big and fruity at the start, with lingering flavors of orange, pineapple and pear. The oak is noticeable, but not overbearing. Finish is smooth, flavorful, and a little bitter but refreshing. Also dryer than I expected. Tastes more like a dry chardonnay than a true pinot gris.

Overall a nice bottle, but I'm not a fan of dry whites. Not the kind of wine you can drink all day at a summer BBQ, if you ask me. At the price, however, it may be worth a shot for all you white wine drinkers out there. Probably be great with some grilled chicken, clams and shrimp.

The Verdict: 7 Corks


Sergeant-At-Arms said...

I like this web site and I like your idea of bouncing from country to country each week. How about this idea later in the late Spring and early Summer, do a review of various sangria (both red and white) recipes and let us know what you thought.

The Vine Guy said...


I'd be happy to do that. But only cause you asked nicely.

At ease, soldier!